Map Ranking


Opponents defeated: 1.004.562.084 (2.)
Tribe: JBOX

Villages (3117)CoordinatesPoints
Goodbye UK6493|48212.154
Goodbye UK6497|50012.154
Goodbye UK6501|47612.154
Goodbye UK6474|48912.154
Goodbye UK6501|47812.154
Goodbye UK6477|50512.154
Goodbye UK6485|51312.154
Goodbye UK6496|47612.154
Goodbye UK6471|48912.154
Goodbye UK6518|48412.154
Goodbye UK6481|49212.154
Goodbye UK6506|48412.154
Goodbye UK6487|47812.154
Goodbye UK6490|50512.154
Goodbye UK6484|49512.154
Goodbye UK6483|49212.154
Goodbye UK6505|48312.154
Goodbye UK6489|48812.154
Goodbye UK6480|48912.154
Goodbye UK6486|52312.154
Goodbye UK6480|49612.154
Goodbye UK6491|48312.154
Goodbye UK6475|49412.154
Goodbye UK6473|48512.154
Goodbye UK6495|53112.154
Goodbye UK6481|50212.154
Goodbye UK6477|50912.154
Goodbye UK6485|52612.154
Goodbye UK6477|49212.154
Goodbye UK6472|50612.154
Goodbye UK6489|48212.154
Goodbye UK6490|48912.154
Goodbye UK6471|49512.154
Goodbye UK6482|49412.154
Goodbye UK6507|48712.154
Goodbye UK6505|48412.154
Goodbye UK6486|51112.154
Goodbye UK6488|49012.154
Goodbye UK6481|49912.154
Goodbye UK6502|47912.154
Goodbye UK6485|51612.154
Goodbye UK6499|47012.154
Goodbye UK6472|51112.154
Goodbye UK6478|49612.154
Goodbye UK6470|49912.154
Goodbye UK6493|51012.154
Goodbye UK6481|48912.154
Goodbye UK6493|52412.154
Goodbye UK6474|49612.154
Goodbye UK6503|48712.154
Goodbye UK6504|48412.154
Goodbye UK6499|50612.154
Goodbye UK6505|48812.154
Goodbye UK6484|48712.154
Goodbye UK6494|51612.154
Goodbye UK6475|48412.154
Goodbye UK6488|51712.154
Goodbye UK6478|51412.154
Goodbye UK6477|51912.154
Goodbye UK6501|46812.154
Goodbye UK6508|48112.154
Goodbye UK6492|48412.154
Goodbye UK6484|48612.154
Goodbye UK6481|48412.154
Goodbye UK6475|48612.154
Goodbye UK6479|51812.154
Goodbye UK6481|52112.154
Goodbye UK6502|48812.154
Goodbye UK6480|49812.154
Goodbye UK6507|48012.154
Goodbye UK6480|50612.154
Goodbye UK6482|49012.154
Goodbye UK6502|47012.154
Goodbye UK6477|51012.154
Goodbye UK6485|48912.154
Goodbye UK6506|48212.154
Goodbye UK6494|52112.154
Goodbye UK6481|52212.154
Goodbye UK6480|48812.154
Goodbye UK6474|49112.154
Goodbye UK6476|48512.154
Goodbye UK6505|48512.154
Goodbye UK6481|48312.154
Goodbye UK6472|49912.154
Goodbye UK6502|46812.154
Goodbye UK6491|47512.154
Goodbye UK6481|48712.154
Goodbye UK6493|48412.154
Goodbye UK6502|48112.154
Goodbye UK6523|48312.154
Goodbye UK6476|49812.154
Goodbye UK6477|49612.154
Goodbye UK6469|49712.154
Goodbye UK6483|49612.154
Goodbye UK6480|52312.154
Goodbye UK6491|49212.154
Goodbye UK6488|51512.154
Goodbye UK6472|48712.154
Goodbye UK6480|52212.154
Goodbye UK6495|52812.154
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Personal text
Berg and Di just doing their thing...

Just little old me left AGAIN.......

Rich writes in BLUE


Sent: Dec 12, 2012 09:16:59

The defender has won

Luck (from attacker's point of view)

-13.0% Misfortune
Attacker: James Empire (deleted)
Origin: [43:66:08] SE (368|460) K43
Quantity: 6001201
Losses: 6001201

Defender: TheRiverStyx
Destination: Pr0 TeAm R0cKeT NuBs! 09.124 (459|474) K44
Quantity: 60652776035818872513331503090507610
Losses: 211

Now with added jimmy & jammy!!

And a touch of Va Va Voom

Cheaters never prosper, but they do win!
Besides, a little cheating never hurt anyone...

Fact No1. Apparently facts have no basis in truth, the first fact is that there is in fact, no facts.

Fact No2. Exactly!

Achieved daily awards
95x Attacker of the day
You defeated the most units in this world as an attacker on on 13.06.2012 (2.293.830 units)!
62x Great power of the day
You took over the most villages in this world on 04.08.2013 (70 villages)!
61x Looter of the day
You plundered the most resources in this world on 17.02.2013 (115.162.655 resources)!
56x Plunderer of the day
You plundered the most villages in this world on 31.03.2011 (906 villages)!
20x Defender of the day
You defeated the most units in this world as a defender on on 14.01.2013 (1.971.338 units)!
Achieved awards
Conquest (Gold - Level 4)
You have conquered 1.000 villages!
Continent scorer (Gold - Level 4)
You have made it into the top 1 of a continent!
Death of a hero (Gold - Level 4)
While supporting other villages, 100.000 of your units died an honorable death!
Demolisher (Gold - Level 4)
You have destroyed 10.000 building levels so far!
Leader (Gold - Level 4)
You have already defeated 20.000.000 enemy units!
Market Guru (Gold - Level 4)
You traded resources using your market 1.000 times!
Master of the Battlefield (Gold - Level 4)
You have completely destroyed 2.500 hostile armies!
Nobles Faith (Gold - Level 4)
You have defeated 700 noblemen!
Plunderer (Gold - Level 4)
You have plundered other villages 10.000 times!
Reliable Commander (Gold - Level 4)
You have supported other players in 3.000 battles!
Robber (Gold - Level 4)
You have looted 100.000.000 resources!
Score champion (Gold - Level 4)
You have already reached 10.000.000 points!
Scout Hunter (Gold - Level 4)
You have defended yourself against 500 scout attacks!
Self-attack (Gold - Level 4)
You have attacked yourself and lost more than 10.000 units in a battle!
Successful noble claims (Gold - Level 4)
You conquered 100 claimed villages!
Top scorer (Gold - Level 4)
You have made it into the top 1 in this world!
Tribal Wars Birthday: Early Years
Tribal Wars Birthday: The Middle Ages
Wallbreaker (Gold - Level 4)
You have destroyed 10.000 wall levels!
Wealth comes in gold (Gold - Level 4)
You minted 50.000 gold coins!
The Warlord (Silver - Level 3)
You have attacked 100 different players!
Beloved Friend (Bronze - Level 2)
You have made a total of 15 friendships!
Lucky fellow
The loyalty of a village was 0 after you conquered it!
Paladin's power
You have found all the paladin items!
You have conquered yourself!
Tribal Wars Birthday: Renaissance
Unlucky fellow
The loyalty of a village dropped to +1 due to one of your attacks!